31. december 2009


I can't wait for 2010. For me - 2009 has been a year
with up's and down's. I'm looking forward to 2010. I hope
it'll be a little better than 2009 ;) already in January,
are there alot off good things. I hope you have a fantastic night
with your friends and family. Maybe I'll check ind later
for a last picture from 2009!


Ready for tonight!

Just bought the last stuff for to night..
New shoes, champain, gum, flags and some fun at the table..
At 6 pm I'm going over to the girls and we are going to eat dinner
and alot off other fun stuff. I have to go!!!


29. december 2009

Inspiration for New Years..

WAUW! Those Christian Loubouttin shoes are totally hot!!
I would looooove to wear them on New Years Eve....
But I guess I'm a little bit to late. Going shopping tomorrow
for new years eve dress, and exchanging some of my gifts..
I'm still in love with them!!!!


28. december 2009

I gotta feeling...

Sweater: H&M  Skirt: Bik Bok  Shoes: Jimmy Choo

...That last night was a pretty good night...
Went to town with my friend Alexandra, to a place called NASA.
I had a great night, but I can feel it in every muscle in my body now!
Hope you all are enjoying the holiday, because I am!!


26. december 2009


A wallet from Message with rivets on and a nailpolish from Chanel from my to best friends..

Nice black jeans from Diesel.

Cozy relaxing set from Nike

MAC makeup

I had a really nice Christmas with my family, deslouciuos food and
a lot of nice presents. We were only five this christmaseve,
because my aunt and oncle were in Jutland. But it was kind of cozy j
ust to be five.This was some of my presents,
and you will se the others presents during this week.
Hope you had a nice Christmas.

24. december 2009

Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday!!


Merry Christmas everyone!
Today - in Denmark - we celebrate Jesus Christ.
But I also celebrate my brother who is turning 10 years today!
OFCOURSE he got an Ipod Touch (and alot of other stuff) - lucky him!



Walking in a winter wonderland

0 DAYS!!

Went christmas shopping yesterday with my best friend Isabella
in Copenhagen. It was snowing like craaazyyyyy...



21. december 2009

When your dreaming with a broken heart..

3 days

..The wakin' up is the hardest part..
Can't wait. He's such a nice singer-song writer,
but he's also sooo freakin' hot. ;) Haha!

18. december 2009


6 days

All i want for christmas is you.
I love this song. It's on my mind every year!
Have a wunderful christmas holiday.


15. december 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

9 days

Today the first snow fell this Christmas in Denmark.
In the middle of the class, the snow just started falling in massive
snow flakes. It looked so cool. Everyone noticed it.
I just thought I would share this with you.
I looooove snooow♥


14. december 2009


10 days

I went to Malmö in Sweden yesterday, for a little christmas shopping..
Of course I ended up buying stuff for myself (or my mother did!)
But I've also bought some presents for my friends. But there is
still a loooong way to go. So many gifts, so little money!


12. december 2009

Girls night - Christmas edition

12 days

I had a fantastic evening last night. I invited some girls over
to a delicious christmas dinner. I was so much fun!!
I have great friends ;)


8. december 2009

Christmas Café

Skirt: Bikbok  Blouse: H&M  Necklase: Gina Tricot

16 days

I had a great weekend. I was at the Christmas Café at my high
school on friday. The pics are from the dinner before the café.
Saturday I was at my friend Emmas (the blond)house,
'cause her brother turned 18. Lovely weekend with the girls.


6. december 2009

Stine Munch Hansen

Stine Munch Hansen - 16 - Model - Elite Model Management - Øregård Gymnasium

Isn't she beautiful? I really think so..
 I just looove these pictures!
She studies at my high school.
 She has a blog too, do you want it?

18 days


3. december 2009

And who am I? - that's a secret i'll never tell

21 days

Am I the only one who can't wait until the next episode of Gossip Girl?
I love Gossip Girl, It's the best series invented in a long time!
Their characteres, the drama and damn their clothes..
I get so much insparation from their clothes, it's fantastic!
But I got a chok today - saw a preview for next monday..
Press on the link, and you will se what is going to happen..

XOXO Diana

It's gonna be a red christmas

21 days

Oh yes.. This is indeed red.. And lovely!
Because it's December, I though I would look for something red.
This was what i found. Uh, I just love those Christian Louboutin,
and that dress is georgeous, not to mention the lovely heart shaped purse..


1. december 2009

December 1st!

23 days

Today it's December the 1st!!
I just thought I would share these pretty christimas calenders
with you.  The first one is from Matas - with all kinds of goodies
like makeup, creme and beauty products! The next is home made
with candy  - from the 'Santa Clause' The last one is ofcourse one,
where you can win money.  I'm so excited about Christmas, that from
'now on - I will count the days on this blog!


28. november 2009

Night out!

So, this was my outfit last night. It's freaking cold in Denmark, so I had to bring on something warm. And why not juse my new boots? They have a small heel and they look really cool. My mother wasn't sure, that she would buy them for me, but in the end she did! Anyway, I had a fun night last night, with a lot of sweet people. We went to town - known as Copenhagen ;) And we went two places, basement and el-hjørnet. We meet a lot of people from our high school. It was fun! Now I'm just figuring out how to get rid of the hangovers...

Jeans: XOXO    Top: New Yorker    Boots: Bianco Footwear    Cardigan: H&M


26. november 2009

Grey and great..

My latest buy - from H&M..
Yes, my account aren't doing too well - but in the end,
it'll be totally worth it after a week in France with the high school!
Anyway, it's kindda cute right? I like it - and the price ;)
I'm heading over at Emmas house, we are going to watch movies
and eat popcorn. Our class doesn't start untill 10 am. So NICE.
Have a nice thursday evening - and don't forget to watch TOP MODEL 12!

24. november 2009

It doesn't matter if it's black or white

It doesn't matter if it's black or white

 I was at my new favorite website polyvore.com, and i found these amazing things..
My favorite thing is this fabolous fantastic amazing purse by Marc Jacobs..

If only I was a rich girl......

Bag; Marc Jacobs (4.550 EUR) Mascara; MAC (83 EUR)
Shos; Dolce&Gabbana (532 EUR) Dress; Seduce (120 EUR)
Necklase; High heel shoe 18 K (665 EUR)

22. november 2009


This is a few pictures from a fabulous prom night..
I really had a great time! Btw - finally i revealed what I was wearing.
I know it looks a bit of borring on the front, but it in the back, there is a deep cut filled with glitter and sparkles.. To bad I don't have a picture of the back, but I will poste it some day!
Anyway - if you are wundering of the high amount of girls.. I can tell you, that we are 22 girls and 8 boys..
Anyway, gotta go.. Have a nice sunday!


20. november 2009


I had a fabolous evening/night last night! I was getting ready at Emmas house, and we had alot of fun together. Afterwards the whole class ate together, and the continued to my high school Øregård Gymnasium. It was old fashion with looong and beautiful dresses and of course Lanciers.
I had a fantastic night. A few words to describe it:
Limo!! Dancing!! Champain!!

To night I'm going to the movies with my best friend Isabella.. We are going to see 2012.. Uh! Have a good night, I'll poste pics from last night tomorrow..

17. november 2009


My new fab georgeous hot Jimmy Choo's - my latest buy..
I love the rivets on the shoes, and i especially love that they are 13 cm
Even though, I wasn't one of the girls, who was standing at 8 am in the
morning to get the shoes, I was one of the lucky ones to arrive at 16 pm
and buy the shoes - exactly in my size.. Sooo nice.. I'm planning on
wearing these fab shoes along with my fantastic dress at my 'prom'..


15. november 2009

I ♥ Isabella


She's my best and she's such a big inspiration for me. She has made me, who I am today.
I'm so glad and proud to call her my best friend.

I love you♥

Blazing Amazing

I would love to have all theese things in my closet.. But - I just bought a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes (pictures will come later, when my mother picks up my camera tomorrow - yeeees). I made this on a cool webside called polyvore were you can mix up clothes from different websites. It's so nice.


12. november 2009

Autumn turns to winther

Today I went to the center of Copenhagen called Strøget, where there are a lot of nice shops. I went there with my mother, to find myd 'prom dress' as you call it in english. And I found one! I'm not gonna tell how it looks, beacause it's a surprise.. But I'm so happy about it - I love my new dress! I'm so sorry for the quality of the picture, it's taken from my mobile - but I'm getting my new camera tomorrow, so I'll take a lot of new fab pictures for you which I'll poste!

Jacket: Zara
Scarf: Zara
Knitted hat: Magasin
Gloves: Accesories
Boots: Steve Madden
Purse: Louis Vouitton


11. november 2009


I'm now officially dancing in the group called: "Ladies with attitude"
It is 15 girls who performs at firm parties, christmas lunches, centers and a lot of other things.
I am so excited, and I can't wait to dance with the other girls..
These two pictures is some of the dancing girls in the group again, and the other is me in the red dress, dancing in Tivoli, Copenhagen, og the biggest stage! Unfortnaly, I'm taking a break right now with ballroom dancing. But hey - now I got 'ladies with attitude ;)


7. november 2009

Step a side

Today I went for a dancing audition in Copenhagen for 'Step a side'. It was my best friend Isabella who recommended it. I thought, why not! We were about 15 girls, so it was hard competition. I recently stopped my partnership with my dancing partner, so now I'm just trying to do something else. It was very fun, but I really don't exspect to get in. Well, I will tell you as soon as i hear anything! The picture is of some of the dancing girls in 'Step a side'..


6. november 2009

Emma Watson

Emma Watson - soo pretty as always..
I really like these pics of her.. Very artistic..
She is so beautiful!


4. november 2009

Wall st chick

Damn, i miss New York. This is a picture of me standing in front of The New York Stock Exchange on Wall st. I though it was a cool picture to poste. I'm remember i tried to be very Wall st like with the jacket over my shoulder and the sunglasses.. Hope you like the picture, there will be a lot more pics from NY on my blog.. Wall st chick is out for now..