27. oktober 2009

Jimmy Choo for H&M

November 14th 2009, you can buy Jimmy Choo's brand new collection in H&M. He designed shoes, bags accesories and even womens clothing. I think it's soo cool and I will definitly buy something. Can't wait..


Friendship is one mind in two bodies

October 2008

I love this qoute and this picture. It says so much about our friendship. Well, I was just borred and about to do my homework, so I found this picture. It's like the days just pass by. When it's borring, cold and grey outside, it's so good to have friends to have fun with, even in booooring October..
By the way, I just got home from NY when this picture was taken, and I got new Steve Madden boots, which I'm wearing in this pic. I still looove them.


25. oktober 2009

Party oufits

This is a picture from the 'the first high school party'.. It's me and my friend Amalie at Violas house. We're are about to get ready for the party and 'warm up' - as we call it in danish. Anyways, this was September 4th, so it was a little while ago. I love my new dress from Vila, and i really like Amalies shoes.


22. oktober 2009

Loving these

Damn. I love these purses. I found them on the internet and they are soo nice. To bad, that my account can't afford it.

Zebra: Topshop Snake: Marc Jacobs


20. oktober 2009

Abercrombie bitch

This picture really made my day. Oh yes, those Abercrombie & Fitch models are so amazingly hot.. Hot hot hot. Delicious deliciuos deliciuos. Well, I got an Abercrombie&Fitch top from my best friend Isabella. And I love it. It's so cute.

18. oktober 2009

Borring sunday

Haha, god I love this photo. So sick and tired of Tvilight. Better get on with my homework.


17. oktober 2009

You know you love me - xoxo

The third season of the popular american series Gossip Girl have begun, and as I was searching for pictures, I found this. It's a front cover of the two main characters in the serie.

The boys are right now drowling over the new FIFA 10', at the same time the girls are drowling over Gossip Girl, not only because of the hottie Chase Crawford, but also because of the delicuos clothes!! We know we love it..


13. oktober 2009

Summer in South France

Saint Tropez
Top: Bik Bok
Skirt: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Jette Riis
Purse: Louis Vouitton

Dress: Gina tricot
Shoes: Lokal french store
Earings and ring: Georg Jensen