7. september 2010

My super sexy seventeen

Dress: Topshop // Shoes: Aldo

6. august 2010

Summer pics

I'm back
During my summer I've been in Greece and South France
Been visiting Cannes, St. Tropez, Nice etc.
Been bathing 6 am in the morning on the beach,
been at a huuuge club in Cannes called Palais, shopping,
tanning, relaxing, visting my friend Emma, turned 17,
and now I'm home partying in Denmark with friends.
Soon it's back to reality - school
Hope you all had a nice summer
'Cause i sure as hell did!


19. juni 2010


This song is my favorite right now.
I've danced so many times to this song,
and it's still good every time.
And then the lyrics are soooo good and fits perfectly
right now! ;)
I loooove it


5. juni 2010

Birthday coming up on 15th of July

Iphone - Phone - 4500,-
I don't need to say anymore do I?
Brilliant luxerus elegant smart phone.
Give meeee

Malm - Bed - From IKEA - 1.900,-
I could really use a new bed. Tired of having guests sleeping at a
bad madras on the floor. And it would be nice to have a big lovely bed
to feel comfortable in, even though you're two ;)

Macbook Pro - Lap top - 14.000,-
I would love having a Macbook. I hate my old Acer lap top.
It's so slooooow. And besides it's easier to bring in school for notes!

Manicure -  Three different nailpolishes - 250,-
My nails need it, and it looks georgeus when girls were it!
So girly ;)

There are a lots of other wishes, but this is a beginning ;)
Good luck during your exams, everybody :)

6. maj 2010

Masked ball

The 29th of April - Last party as 'freshman' - 1g, as we call it in DK ;)
It was a masked ball, and that's why we are wearing these..
We started at Sophie from with the whole class,
before we went for the party. It was a hell of a night,
(from what i remember) .. We have to wait until September
to the next party. Anyway there's a café next wednesday,
were the international star MEDINA is performing.

2. maj 2010


Skirt and T-shirt: Topshop // Shoes: Converse // Earings: Glitter
Last friday there was a huge show at my high school, where everyone
who had a talent hidden inside could participate..
I recently went shopping with my good friend Emma,
and this was the outfit for the night..

20. april 2010

True to your heart

" True to your heart.. You must be true to your heart "

Finally summer is on it's way..


29. marts 2010

9. marts 2010

10. februar 2010


Hello there...
I have to say, I'm so sorry for not bloggin' for a while.
I've had so much to do. Problems, too. So my mood
haven't been the best. I'm leaving on friday with my school ØREGÅRD
to Tignes in France. Today we got our sweaters for the trip,
and there are only 2 days left!
I'm so excited!!!
I'm going to tell and show everything from the trip!

Have a fantastic winter holiday everybody! :-)

Kiss & Hugs - Diana

31. januar 2010


Me in dress from Message

(my high school under construction, almost done)

I had a fantastic friday night at my high schools
white sensation party! It was so wild! As you can see
in the pictures the set up was enormous!
The music was the best, you could find me
at the dancefloor or at the bar ;)
It was the beeeest night in a looong time..
Afterwards I went to my friend Marie's house,
were we had a sleep over, and talked all night.


Shots of love

Blouse: Amisu  Heels: Anne Michelle
Dress: Message  Watch: Dolce&Gabanna


Pictures from the last weekend 23-24 of january ;)
At Camillas place home alone, not a good combi...

Pictures from this weekend are coming soon.


28. januar 2010


I'm sooooooo in love with my new shoes!!!!
Couldn't help me from buying them. 75 EUR // 500 DKK ;)
Think I'm going to wear them tomorrow night!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Diana <3

Today's outfit

Simple look, going shopping.

Legvarmes and scarf // H&M
Big shirt // Message


27. januar 2010


I wish, I had this one.
Adore it.
It's soooo cold.


26. januar 2010


Went on sale saturday with my best friend.
Bought alot of stuff I'll poste for you soon.
I'm thinking about wearing this top from Urban Outfitters
to the party at my high school on friday. The theme is
'Sensation - Ocean of white'. Before you judge me,
I'm ofcourse going to wear some else underneath,
I just don't know what? Don't have a white skirt, and
I look weird in white pants! Any ideas????