5. juni 2010

Birthday coming up on 15th of July

Iphone - Phone - 4500,-
I don't need to say anymore do I?
Brilliant luxerus elegant smart phone.
Give meeee

Malm - Bed - From IKEA - 1.900,-
I could really use a new bed. Tired of having guests sleeping at a
bad madras on the floor. And it would be nice to have a big lovely bed
to feel comfortable in, even though you're two ;)

Macbook Pro - Lap top - 14.000,-
I would love having a Macbook. I hate my old Acer lap top.
It's so slooooow. And besides it's easier to bring in school for notes!

Manicure -  Three different nailpolishes - 250,-
My nails need it, and it looks georgeus when girls were it!
So girly ;)

There are a lots of other wishes, but this is a beginning ;)
Good luck during your exams, everybody :)

2 kommentarer:

  1. lækre ønsker :)
    er nu blevet fast læser.


  2. Fandt lige denne super fine blog, som jeg vil følge med glæde !! - tag et smut forbi min mode-blog (: - det ville glæde mig hvis du også ville følge min eller bare skrive en kommentar (: (kører en konkurrence lige i øjeblikket hvor man kan vinde en Mango Body butter)

    Mvh. Freja