31. januar 2010


Me in dress from Message

(my high school under construction, almost done)

I had a fantastic friday night at my high schools
white sensation party! It was so wild! As you can see
in the pictures the set up was enormous!
The music was the best, you could find me
at the dancefloor or at the bar ;)
It was the beeeest night in a looong time..
Afterwards I went to my friend Marie's house,
were we had a sleep over, and talked all night.


Shots of love

Blouse: Amisu  Heels: Anne Michelle
Dress: Message  Watch: Dolce&Gabanna


Pictures from the last weekend 23-24 of january ;)
At Camillas place home alone, not a good combi...

Pictures from this weekend are coming soon.


28. januar 2010


I'm sooooooo in love with my new shoes!!!!
Couldn't help me from buying them. 75 EUR // 500 DKK ;)
Think I'm going to wear them tomorrow night!!

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Diana <3

Today's outfit

Simple look, going shopping.

Legvarmes and scarf // H&M
Big shirt // Message


27. januar 2010


I wish, I had this one.
Adore it.
It's soooo cold.


26. januar 2010


Went on sale saturday with my best friend.
Bought alot of stuff I'll poste for you soon.
I'm thinking about wearing this top from Urban Outfitters
to the party at my high school on friday. The theme is
'Sensation - Ocean of white'. Before you judge me,
I'm ofcourse going to wear some else underneath,
I just don't know what? Don't have a white skirt, and
I look weird in white pants! Any ideas????


22. januar 2010

Warm down jacket

I love my down jacket. It's one of the best christmaspresents
I got this year. It's especially good, when you are going out
in the night, and in the morning on the way to school.

Well, headin' to town tonight with some girls.
Have a nice weekend, I'll poste soon again!


21. januar 2010

Love on Louis!

Don't you just love it, when you find
un exspected gift cards to Louis Vouitton?
Well, I do!!!! 1560 DKK // 210 EUR ..
I'm off to bed with hot chokolate, gossip girl and cookies!


19. januar 2010

Cool earings!

Love love love love love love these earings!!
They are so cool, and can be used everyday and to parties.
They complete many of my looks ;)
And the best part. They only costed 50 DKK / 7 EURO!


Old school

Found these jeans in the back of the closet.
Amazing what hides in there. Anyway, those are from 6th grade,
where Miss 60 jeans was so popular. I loved the pants,
and it's actually pretty scarry, that I can still fit them?
They are a little bit tight though ;)
Think it was funny to poste something old fashioned!

xoxo Diana

16. januar 2010


Sorry for not blogging that much lately.
I'm soo busy with school, friends, homework, work etc.
This is the photo of the day!
I'm not wearing any makeup, so it's kind of a natural
picture, that my friend took with her camera.
I seriously love Kit Kat ;)
I hope you are enjoying the weekend.
Promise to poste a lot more soon!

xoxo Diana

12. januar 2010

Shopping? Anyone?

Cute dress from H&M

Have to go exchanging the last gifts,
and I'm thinking shopping when I'm
out there anyway.. Haha..
But again, have to safe money for the ski trip
with my school. Leaving at excatly 1 month!

xoxo Diana

11. januar 2010

Yooooou... Your sex is on fire!

Sex on fire - Kings of leon

I've heard this song at least a million times,
and I really don't get tired of it? The lyrics are brilliant!
By the way, I edited my 'profil blog picture'
into black and white. Yes, I was bored.
It was taken by my best friend Camilla with her pro camera!
What do you think of it?

xoxo Diana

9. januar 2010

Wouldn't mind

It's so freakin' cold outsite..
This is one way to get hot...
I wouldn't mind?


7. januar 2010


Ana Beatriz Barros

Why is she sooo pretty and geogeous?
I love her tatoo, her hair, her lips!!
She almost perfect..
But again, there must have been some
people who editted a few things in photoshop ;)

5. januar 2010

Bling Bling


Watch // D&G.. Earings//Both from Pilgrim.. Heart necklase// Pure Silver..
 Bling necklase// Gina Tricot.. Head stick// SIX


4. januar 2010


Went to Copenhagen on a schooltrip with my class today
to see the movie: "Capatalism - a love story" by Michael Moore.
It was a really good documentery, and it made you think alot!
I can reccomend it! But, the girls and I had some time to kill,
so ofcourse we went to Gina Tricot next door ;)
It's so typical for me to buy what is not on sale,
but anyway I looooove this new cardigan with glitter!
300 DKK - ca. 45/50 EU


2. januar 2010

New Years Eve //

Had a fantastic New Years Eve o9/1o!!!!!
After the girlsdinner, we headed to a party where some
people had rented some place, there were about 400 people.
It was really fun, and I meet alot of people from my old
class, but also some new people. Outside it was frezing cold!!
I feel bad for those who couldn't get a cap!
But my evening is a little blurry, so I'll just stop here.
Hope all off you had a great night!!