4. januar 2010


Went to Copenhagen on a schooltrip with my class today
to see the movie: "Capatalism - a love story" by Michael Moore.
It was a really good documentery, and it made you think alot!
I can reccomend it! But, the girls and I had some time to kill,
so ofcourse we went to Gina Tricot next door ;)
It's so typical for me to buy what is not on sale,
but anyway I looooove this new cardigan with glitter!
300 DKK - ca. 45/50 EU


3 kommentarer:

  1. Jeg er også en udsalgselsker. Og sjovt nok har jeg også lige set capitalism a love story - fantastisk film!
    Fed cardigan og fed blog - følg også min!


    - Elise

  2. That's a really cute cardigan, it really suits you! And you have beautiful hair... I'm jealous! xx


  3. HhAhahhahaahah, samme som min :D great at vi vælger at have den på samme dag :D