19. juni 2010


This song is my favorite right now.
I've danced so many times to this song,
and it's still good every time.
And then the lyrics are soooo good and fits perfectly
right now! ;)
I loooove it


5. juni 2010

Birthday coming up on 15th of July

Iphone - Phone - 4500,-
I don't need to say anymore do I?
Brilliant luxerus elegant smart phone.
Give meeee

Malm - Bed - From IKEA - 1.900,-
I could really use a new bed. Tired of having guests sleeping at a
bad madras on the floor. And it would be nice to have a big lovely bed
to feel comfortable in, even though you're two ;)

Macbook Pro - Lap top - 14.000,-
I would love having a Macbook. I hate my old Acer lap top.
It's so slooooow. And besides it's easier to bring in school for notes!

Manicure -  Three different nailpolishes - 250,-
My nails need it, and it looks georgeus when girls were it!
So girly ;)

There are a lots of other wishes, but this is a beginning ;)
Good luck during your exams, everybody :)