18. oktober 2009

Borring sunday

Haha, god I love this photo. So sick and tired of Tvilight. Better get on with my homework.


3 kommentarer:

  1. hehehe I always have lots of homework too! hate it, but it has to be done, I guess...

    love ur blog, I follow it.:)

    shia labeouf is so cool :):)


  2. Haha i agree with Shia. THe whole twilight fanatic stalker syndrome is ridiculous. Your blog is very nice. I'm going to become a follower.

    Check out my blog at

  3. Mich 'ELLE: Thank you very much :) - Shia is so cool, and I love him for this t-shirt! ;)
    Your blog is also nice, i'll follow too.

    GoldieLocks7: Thank you! - like your blog too, left a comment at your page :)